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AccuLawn System Equals Easier Profits

Running a lawn service business can be time consuming. Even after you have mowed all the lawns for the week, fertilized ten acres of turf, and trimmed an estate full of hedges, there is still much to do. Paperwork, machine maintenance, and schedule setting can eat up any free time a lawn care provider thought he had coming up. Mix in some estimates that are needed asap, then the business owner has no time from himself or his family.


I am all about working hard to try and get ahead. However, if I have no free time at all, then what am I actually doing it all for? So the answer is to be more efficient with time. Time is more precious than even money.


The best way to save time doing estimates is to not do them manually. AccuLawn Systems can free up tons of your time. All it takes is a quick sign up and you can let potential clients put in their property information for an instant quote. That is completely hassle free for you and the customer. They don’t have to set up a meeting time with you and wreck their schedule. And you can actually be working on current jobs to stay on schedule yourself. And no more missed appointments where the customer just forgets about you coming out to look at their property. And you can stop having to guess where property lines are at when you are looking at lawns without the home owner available at all to point out specifics.


Using the AccuLawn System is easy for the lawn care operator as well as the potential clients. There is no need to be a computer guru on either side of the equation. All the business owner needs to do is have the AccuLawn link put into their own website. All the customer has to do is put in their property information and the services they are interested in. They will then get an instant quote on what they need done. A few clicks of a mouse is quite a departure from driving miles to a property and finding time for both parties to meet up. Free time is precious for clients and lawn care business owners.


If you are running a landscaping business and are stressed from your lack of time, just jump off that hamster wheel. There are tools available to be more efficient with your time. AccuLawn Systems is one such tool. It is easy to use and will pay for itself with gas savings and manpower that used to be used on manual estimates. You owe it to yourself to give it a 30 day test that is free for you to try out. Your customers will appreciate the time savings, as will your family.

Lawn Quoting / Estimating Software

AccuLawn is software developed by AccuLawn systems that give instant lawn care quotes. A number of United States companies using AccuLawn software have positive results in that it has assisted them in making timely bids hence saving them time and money.
Calculating of quote using this software is very easy and faster. All one need is to key in the kind and size of the job, the manpower and other necessary factors and the software automatically generates a quote. If a particular person wishes to find out the quote of his/her property, all they need is their postal address, that is, street address, city, State and ZIP and the software automatically calculates their quote.
AccuLawn software offer quotes on the following lawn care services, core aeration, over seeding and starter fertilizer, irrigation start up, irrigation winterization, lawn fertilization program and professional mowing. AccuLawn systems, provides a 30 days free trial for the software, available in their website. This has been done to avoid all uncertainty in using this service and an assurance of its efficiency. The 30 days trial is entirely for the customers’ satisfaction and the clients are not whatsoever indebted to the company.
Another amazing feature is that the software comes with a phone app. one can download an app in a Smartphone that will enable you enjoy the services of this software. This is a benefit to the clients since they can access the software regardless whether they are in the office or field.
AccuLawn software benefits the client in remarkable ways. The software is easy to use and the company’s website post videos with full instructions on how to use the software, as a result a client uses less time while using the software and is able to save a lot of time. Another benefit is that a client is able to view thousands of properties at the same time offer quotes on them without physical movement. The software assists the client in tracking of their records easily and efficiently since everything is digitalized and no manual work.

Measure lawn square footage accurately.

‘To err is to human’. This is indeed very true. In whatever you do manual involvement keeps a room for error. So is the case with lawn square measurements. Manual measurements results in a lot of errors. It is quite obvious that human as we are we will make mistakes while measuring or quoting the proper amount. Let us consider few points to consider when working up an accurate lawn square footage in order to give a lawn care estimate for services such mowing, Fertilization, pest control or aeration.


· Is your employee properly trained to measure a proper?


· Do you know the exact property lines so that you can measure accurately? 


· High turnover of employees can create inconsistencies, meaning that you are constantly training someone so they can get it right.


· Are you employee doing the math correctly?


· Is your measuring wheel calibrated correctly?


We at Accu Lawn Systems help you and constantly guide you to get the exact square lawn measurements.

Since most yards are large and oddly shaped it is often simpler to estimate a large area by breaking it into several smaller areas. Smaller areas are also easier to measure. Look for small sections that can be approximated as a square, rectangular, or circular area. Keep in mind that you are trying to ESTIMATE the size of the area in question. Measurements to the nearest foot or so should be a good start. It’s a common situation for lawn care companies. You have a client on the line who wants to know how much you will charge for a job. You’ve taken down the measurements of the space, you have detailed the work they want done. Now, you just have to calculate the quote. For most people, this takes quite a bit of time, requiring you to factor in lots of different expenses and do calculations by hand. But that potential client is on the phone right now and wants a quote quickly. Luckily, there is a way to speed up the process.


With us you can email bids, you can add company service along with the bids, you can see customer information at ease, you can browse through the statistics very easily so that you can get an idea I prices and market, and lots more. With Accu Lawn Systems you can get the best and most accurate measurements done. Thus never get misguided or give room to human intervention and error by manually measuring the lawn square.